Tesseract School: Welcome and Respond Here.

Hello Tesseract:

Thank you for welcoming me today; it is a pleasure to be here. I flew in from Oakland this morning for this opportunity. The entry below this one is the liveblog itself; I will be updating every 30-60 minutes with new postings, and know that it reads bottom to top chronologically, with each new entry headed by the time it was posted.

I would love it too, if you are reading, to hear your thoughts. Respond to something I have written, or share your own thoughts on what you think is exemplary of Tesseract's teaching and learning. Or tell me how you think education should change in the 21st century. To write and share, click on the comment box immediately below to the right.

This is the 8th school I have visited in the last four weeks; to read previous liveblogs from schools, scroll down or click on the September button to the right to find a listing of posts.


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