Head Royce-- Welcome and Respond Here

Hello Head Royce: 

I am very happy to be here; thank you for welcoming me.  I am spending the day shadowing students and taking note of the great things happening here in teaching and learning.   The live-blog report is immediately below; know that a live-blog runs chronologically backwards, so you read from bottom to top, with each new entry beginning under the time it was posted.  
I also encourage you to share your own thoughts.  Respond to what I have written, or write about what you think are the best things happening at Head Royce in teaching and learning.  Or, share with other readers what you think 21st century education needs to be-- how must it be different from schooling in the 20th century.   Use the little comment line just below to the right to make your comments. 

As you scroll down, you will see my liveblog reports from the six other schools I have already visited; you can also see a list by clicking on the September button just to the right. 


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