College Prep-- Welcome and Respond Here

Hello College Prep: 
Thank you for welcoming me today; I am here shadowing a junior and blogging about the cool things I see happening in student learning here: "observed best practices."  The liveblog is below; it flows from bottom to top chronologically over the course of the day, and each new entry is headed by the time I posted it.  

Please consider responding, by clicking on the comment line just below to the right.   Respond to something I have written, or share with me and other readers what you think is best about teaching and learning at CPS, or what you think is most important for learning in the 21st century.  



Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you like our website. The student body in general finds it pretty frustrating - an unsuccessful attempt to create a 'student voice' that just ends up sounding really forced. I guess we don't really know how it sounds from the outside, though.

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting. it's unfortunate that you were not able to visit with any of the arts department and see the array of arts that is available to the students. college prep offers four subset of arts: dance, drama, music, and visual art. Each subset offer multiple levels of courses. perhaps one day you can come back to see that and the athletics department as well as both serve an integral part of a student's life at college prep.

Jonna (aka Gaia) said...

J - I enjoyed reading about your day at CPS! Your blog is a great resource for links to other teaching blogs and pedagogical research, and your blogs about your visits to other schools are very interesting and provide a lot of perspective.

I noticed that you linked to the AP Environmental Science course description from the CPS webpage, and I wanted to additionally share our course blog http://cpsapes.blogspot.com/
about which the students and I are all very excited about. It's a wonderful way for us to continue our discussions beyond the classroom, and really motivates the students to research ideas and develop arguments completely on their own, with no assignment or grade involved. Very fun and exciting!

Thanks for sharing your interesting project!