International HS Welcome, Respond Here

Hello IHS community members: 

Welcome to my blog; thank you for welcoming me to your school.  Immediately below is my liveblog, reporting my observations of the good things happening here in student learning.   HTis is my thirteenth such visit; previous school visits can be viewed by scrolling down or consulting the list of previous posts on the right.     As you read the below, please know that live-blogs flow chronologically from bottom to top, with each new section headed by the time it was posted on-line. 

I invite you also to write your own comments, using the comment box immediately below to the right.   Write a response to something I have written, or share with me or other readers what is best about IHS, or tell me what you think 21st century education should be.  


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Russ said...

Hope you had a good visit. I must say you are prolific and attentive! Great to read a "slice of life" in our school.
Sorry I wasn't around to say goodbye. Good luck with your work and let's stay in touch.