CART Liveblog-- Welcome and Post Here

Hello CART: 

If you are visiting my blogspot for the first time, welcome; thank you so much for welcoming me. Below are two postings, in reverse chronological order, sharing my observations of the school today.   You are invited and encouraged to post your own thoughts-- respond to something I have said, or write what you think is most interesting, most innovative, or most excellent about CART.  To do so, click on the little underlined comment line, just below this to the right. 


biosimple said...

I would just like to add that Cart is like vocational training. many classes are ROP. So students actually train with profesionals.

John Forbes, Ed. D. said...

It was a pleasure having Jonathan visit CART today. Our teachers and students were thrilled to have a visitor who sought to capture what happens everyday here.
I was impressed with the amount of information Jonathan soaked in and then was able to blog. He is welcome back at any time and we applaud his efforts to seek out and publicize innovative educational practices.
We owe it to our students to transform schools with relevant, academic, and meaningful content and strategies. Jonathan is definitely a supporter of this task.

All the best,