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Immediately below is the liveblog for HTHI that I am writing this morning; please know that liveblogging proceeds chronologically from bottom to top, with each new entry headed by the time it was posted.    

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jonathan,
I applaud your very intriguing analysis of our school, High Tech High International. However, if I may permit myself to defend it and argue some of the points you brought up.

You mentioned that our school wasn't exactly project-based like we advertised on our website. We were assigned 2 new projects yesterday and, though it wasn't mentioned when you were there perhaps, we are currently working on writing an epidemiology research paper analyzing studies that we did. This project is one that covers all of our classes and will end up being about 20 pages long, and the requirements are formatted by the Young Epidemiology Scholars scholarship competition hosted by the College Board. Therefore, those of us that choose to can use the classwork we have been completing and use it to further our chances of enjoying the benefits of reaping a great college education.

Also, you focused on the appearance of our school. We are extremely demographic when it comes to the students, there is definitely no higher class definition among the students. It may have appeared so, but we certainly don't feel that sort of tension among us, and there is a great diversity among all of our students. Therefore, we bring so many different thoughts and opinions to the table and use our knowledge to stimulate and challenge our own individual learning.

You also mentioned the fact that John just received his credential. What's amazing is that for a guy that just received it, he is an amazing teacher who has helped us all understand perhaps one of the most complicated and intricate subjects. We may be a very relaxed school, but we are definitely not unprofessional, and the environment that we encourage is one that helps stimulate and make all of the students feel comfortable and able to learn to the great extent.

Your idea of having us fill out blank sheets in biology and using the Internet and textbooks to fill out, while being perhaps a great tool for public schools, is what we try and avoid when possible at our school. Instead of individually researching (especially since we don't use textbooks at our school unless absolutely necessary), we developed a class discussion of what we were learning, which I feel was definitely more stimulating for all of us. The more you interact among each other and hear the ideas that everyone is formulating and the knowledge that others have attained, the more you learn. Vocalizing what you feel helps you to maintain a more vivid memory of the learning that is being achieved.

However, thank you very much for visiting! We always enjoy displaying what we are learning for others who are perhaps unfamiliar to our style of teaching and learning. We are very proud of what we achieve at our school, and because of the high level of learning that happens, our school is rated as one of the best in the country! I hope that your continual search for different schools brings you great knowledge and you enjoy what you are currently discovering.

Have a great day!